Monday, December 6, 2010

Oz Film Blogathon

The Oz Film Blogathon begins today. If you have anything you'd like to submit as part of the film writing marathon post the link in the comments sections and I'll collate the pieces all together on this page.

Remember, the thematic framework proposed is: 'The Things We Think But Do Not Say'.

All you need to do is write something about the local industry and post it on your blog, submit the links to me (scott.journalist[at] or post them in the comments of this blog. I will aggregate all the articles here. Aim high and be as fearless as you can muster. Articles on local and national industry issues are of highest value.

• Write (or record) something about Australian film industry that's been on your mind.
• Contribute links to old articles that might be a little 'touchy feely'
• Participate by commenting or generally spreading the word.

Articles will all be linked in this post and I will create a button for the home page too.

Happy writing!

Oz Blogathon Announcement (3/11/10)
Oz Blogathon Update (19/11/10)

'Confessions Of A Film Journalist: Pt 1' Scott Henderson (6/12/10)

'They Watch Pictures Don't They' – I offer some guidance on getting started as a film journalist... for whatever that advice is worth. (13/12/10)

'Critical Thoughts' – Thomas Caldwell considers what makes good film criticism (12/12/10)

'What's Become Of The Brisbane Cinema Scene' – Sarah Ward profiles what's happening with cinema in Brisvegas (12/12/10)

'A Very Brief Personal Journey Through Australian Film' – "The tide is turning, it is turning slowly but surely." Richard Haridy, Rich On Film (11/12/10)

'Oz Film Blogathon: So Very Tired' – "it's mighty easy to sit back in your comfy cinema seat and question why the average Australian doesn't pay to see a film you've just watched for free." Jess Lomas, A New Level of Nerdiness (10/12/10)

'Mind The Gap' – "At a time when information is globally available, when it comes to film why should we be forced to wait? At a time when information is globally available, when it comes to film why should we be forced to wait?" Sarah Ward, The Reel Bits (9/12/10)

'Aussie Film: catalyst required, enquire within' – there is no shortage whatsoever of concepts, nor people ready and able to bring those concepts to life. Dan Binns, Binnsy Hovel (9/12/10)

'Still Some Of The Finest Films' – "that Australia only produces depressing films is unfounded and unfairly puts people off seeing films that deserve to be seen." Thomas Caldwell, Cinema Autopsy (9/12/10) (See article below)

'High infidelity: Have we cast Australian films into the arms of another?' – Quickflix Blog Editor Simon Miraudo wonders if we've foresaken first dibs on great new Australian films (8/12/10)

'What Are We Really Watching'Richard Gray, editor of DVDBits and The Reel Bits, questions the correlation between piracy, box office and Australian film (7/12/10)

'The Real Ugly Truth' – A blistering editorial from Encore Magazine Editor Miguel Gonzalez who says the Australian mainstream media are not paying enough attention to local productions (7/12/10)

'The Ugly Truth'
– Sarrah Le Marquand offers her take on Australian film industry in The Daily Telegraphy (though one wonders if she has seen half the films released the past two years)

Some older articles submitted to #OzFilmBlogathon:

'Some Of The Finest Films' – Thomas' orginal article from June 2010

'Government As Movie Mogul' – "the nature of Australian films is significantly determined by how they are financed," Sandy George writes at Australia Screen (13/04/10)
'Festival funded films – will it change anything?' – Sandy George looks at MIFF and AFF putting their money where their audience is (10/08/09)

'Script Alive' – Live reading of in development scripts? That sounds like a pretty innovative idea. Tara Judah, Quickflix Blog (1/12/10)

'Massage The Message' – Lynden Barber says we need to figure out how to out how to better sell Australian films to Australian audiences (New Matilda, 31/10/09)
'This Mission Is Too Important For Me To Allow You To Jeopardise It' - More Australian sci-fi, cries Lyden Barber! I'm not sure he was talking about Tomorrow When The War Began, but I know what he means (New Matilda, 23/10/09)
'Please, No More Ocker Comedy Flops' – when SPAA President Anthony Ginnane suggested Australian film producers should be shot it caught Lyden Barber's attention. Fortunately he hasn't reached for his gun yet (4/12/09)
'Is Dark The New Quirky' – one year on and the conversation hasn't changed much (LB, New Matilda, 25/09/09)


Lynden Barber said...

Scott, thanks for starting up the blogathon - a great initiative. I wrote a handful of pieces on the Australian film industry for New Matilda a few months ago.




Scott Henderson said...

Big thanks for submitting this Lynden, they've now been added to the list.

Unknown said...

I spew forth my ramblings on Aussie cinema here:

Unknown said...

Three blogs posts on the industry by Sandy George for australianscreen online

- Kate Stone

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Those last few should be struck off. You talk about looking forward and yet all those New Matilda articles are over a year old.

Scott Henderson said...

Dan and Kate

Thanks for the submissions! I'm adding that as soon as I've had a read and added some of today's other articles.


Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting. I understand why you'd like to see new articles looking forward, I would too. However, I'm sure we can agree that some smart things have been said in the past year that might be worth revisiting.

If you don't like it just skip those articles and read the fresh stuff (hence why I'm dating the submissions). When I announced the #Ozfilmblogathon I also offered writers opportunity to submit piece they'd written in past that they felt worth revisiting in the context of the discussion.

Either way, I'm glad you've had the opportunity to voice your opinion. My suggestion? Write something, submit the link to me and I'll put it up with the rest.

If you don't have anywhere to host send me the work and I'll host it myself.


Jess said...


Just posted my first Oz Film Blogathon entry

Jess :)

Rich said...

Nice work Scott!

Here is my contribution to the blogathon:

It was written in a spontaneous burst of motivation and barely edited. I kinda enjoyed thinking back to the 90s and looking at how Australian film was placed in my own personal filmic evolution.

Scott Henderson said...

Thanks Rich, adding now.