Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hitchcock Till Ya Drop (Kino #26)

Film journalism for me started out covering the digital filmmaking scene in Brighton, England for street press rag The Insight. I've always had a healthy interest in short films not just as an art form, but as a cultural movement. When I first moved to Sydney and heard about KINO, an underground open mic night for short filmmakers, I was there in a heartbeat ready for anything (and on any given night at Kino anything goes). So for those of you who haven't been before please let me encourage you to come check out the films or even get involved as Kino throws its twice annual KABARET event – a six-day Kino marathon split into three 48-hour stints of filmmaking, screenings and parties. Sound like something you'd be interested in?

Kabaret kicks off with Kino #26 (Hitchcockian-themed) on 29 June in Sydney and The Festivalists (the company behind Kino) is accepting applications from prospective writers, actors, crew and directors to come down and get involved. If you've never made a film before this is your perfect opportunity to pop your cherry, if you have it's a great opportunity to network and get the creative juices flowing. Registration for the event gives you access to the KINO LAB hosted by Metro Screen in Paddington and is fully kitted out with cameras, equipment and editing stations.

The whole short filmmaking festival runs until Saturday, 4 July with the second and third events David Lynch and Tim Burton themed respectively. Press release after the bump with more information on the event. I highly recommend signing up, and if not, then come down to one of the KINO KABARET screening and party, the first of which is taking place Tuesday, 30 June at Frase Studios in Chippendale, where drinks come with the door cover and the friendly faces are for free.

Kino Sydney is now calling for participants for KINO KABARET 2009, a series of filmmaking marathons, screenings and parties taking place across Sydney, June 29 – July 4 2009.

Whatever your level of experience, KINO KABARET invites you to team-up with other enthusiastic writers, directors, editors, actors and musicians to make short films in intense 48-hour sessions, each culminating in a screening and party.

For a minimal registration fee of only $15, participants will have access to a KINO LAB fitted with cameras, filmmaking equipment and editing stations, hosted by Metro Screen in Paddington Town Hall.

Artistic Director Matt Ravier explains: “Kino encourages participants to learn about the craft of filmmaking by creating short videos, unshackled by the burden of resources, time and money. Kino provides filmmakers of all backgrounds, abilities and experience with a support network to write, shoot and edit their projects as well as an opportunity to show the work to a large audience.”

“Kino offers an inclusive, non-competitive experience to give people a taste for filmmaking. Participants pool their resources, ideas, knowledge and equipment: amateurs mix with award-winners, artists mix with technicians, locals mix with out-of-towners… The result is unpredictable, the energy is contagious… and in true Kino spirit, the parties – which include live entertainment, snacks, giveaways and open bar - are awesome.”

The week-long filmmaking experiment is a special edition of Kino Sydney, an underground open-mic night for filmmakers which occurs monthly since 2006.

Each session lasts 48 hours and the enrolment fee is only $15 (including free entry to the screening and party). Registrations are open until June 22 and entry forms can be downloaded from www.kinosydney.com.


Tuesday 30 June, 6:30pm | Fraser Studios, Chippendale | Dress code: Alfred Hitchcock
Thursday 2 July, 6:30pm | The Red Rattler, Marrickville | Dress code: David Lynch
Saturday 4 July, 6:30pm | St Stephens Church Hall, Newtown | Dress code: Tim Burton


Kino Sydney is the Sydney chapter of the worldwide Kino filmmaking movement. It was started by Australian non-profit company The Festivalists in November 2006. Kino Sydney runs monthly short film nights as well as Kino Kabaret sessions once a year. The films screened at Kino Sydney are all world premieres made specifically for Kino.

Kino is an international low-budget filmmaking movement born in Montreal in 2000. There are now Kino chapters around the world and Australia hosts 2: Kino Sydney and Kino Adelaide.

For more information, please call Matt Ravier on 02 9281 5608, email matt@thefestivalists.com or visit www.kinosydney.com.


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