Friday, April 10, 2009

Mystery man: J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams is an allusive chap it must be said. I tried to get the Star Trek director on the record about his next project and he managed to mostly avoid my question twice by with a cheeky bit of vagueness. He did say that he would like to direct a script that he himself is writing but I couldn't get him to say what it was. I did manage him to talk about Lost and the fact that he would love to make a return in the final season.

After the bump you can read the extract from my interview on Abrams' plans for the future...

What your doing next always seems to have something of an air of mystery about it, there is the untitled Hunter Scott project, producing an earthquake movie, Mystery On Fifth Avenue, The Dark Tower and Cloverfield 2. Can you enlighten us on your next project and what is currently closest to your heart?

I’m playing around with an idea that hopefully will take root, and in the meantime we have a movie that we start shooting next month that we are producing with Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams, Morning Glory (directed by Roger Michell), which is a comedy written by the woman who wrote The Devil Wears Prada.

What about directing and writing for yourself?

I’m working on a script right now again, hopefully it’ll happen. If it does then that’d be something I’d like to direct.

Is there any possibility that you will return to Lost before the show ends? Is that something that you’d like to do?

My guess is not. I would love to do it, but given the things I’m working on, and the fact is they have formed this family and Jack Bender who is the director/producer, he’s got to direct the finale, he has too. If there is time it would be a wonderful thing to come back. I miss those people and so many of them are new, since I was there working on the show the cast has grown enormously and there’s this whole other amazing group of actors there. I remain amazed at the work Damon, Carlton, Jack and the other do. Every time someone’s like ‘man, I loved last night’s Lost’ I’m like I’ll tell Damon, I’m so thrilled. It’s all about what those guys do.

It’s just the gift that keeps giving back…

It really is that I’m telling you. Makes me feel guilty.


jw said...

can't wait for his dark tower films. come on jj. you can do it.

Unknown said...

I see no 'obviously-s'?!

Scott Henderson said...

Weird to have comments on Twitter repeated on my blog... Yeah, that was earlier in the interview Alice, seriously, my transcript is littered with them. That and lots of 'actuallys'.