Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a day it has been

Last night around 1.30am (this morning then I guess) as I was thinking about going to be a posting something briefly on here about the last couple of films I've seen and not reviewed yet, the news was just breaking about Anthony Minghella's death at 54. I went to bed feeling shocked and contemplating writing a small piece about the director today. I awoke after an intense night of dreams to discover that Arthur C Clarke had passed away at the age of 90. Bizarrely enough (though perhaps not) I had also spent the night dreaming about death and space – not that I want to disturb anyone, I'm very adjusted to the strange workings of my unconscious and the depth to which it explores my inner thoughts, and lucid nature of the projections in my sleep.

In my dream death was most certainly a doorway. I was able to observe somehow the souls of the departed propelled on a voyage to another world, away from our tiny planet and solar system. Where they were heading I do not know, but I can't remember thinking what an awfully big adventure that would be. In my dream I wanted to pitch the idea as a film, which by the way was a dream within the dream. It didn't go down so well with what was a skeptical audience. That and the fact that even within my dream I was confused about what I had dreamt.

I not going into deeper details about my dream I assure you. I guess the point of talking about it here is that, however limited, it was a vision of sorts. A creation within my own limited imagination that seemed fantastic at the time. With Minghella and Clarke, the world lost two of its great visionaries while two families lost part of their world. There's not way of measuring either loss, suffice to say we are all a little bit poorer that such talented people are no longer among us to show us the voyage of human potential down a river limited only by the size of ones imagination.

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