Monday, March 3, 2008

The Shotgun Critic: Some Kind Of Wonderful

Here begins the first in Dark Habits' series of five-minute shotgun reviews as I continue my adventures in the whole universe of movies I have not yet seen...

Some Kind Of Wonderful isn't classic John Hughes by any stretch, it no doubt it carries his classic hallmarks (though directed by Howard Deutch). Dweeby boy with brave and romantic soul (Eric Stoltz) secretly loves school pretty girl (Lea Thompson) with asshole boyfriend (Craig Sheffer). Dweeby boy meets pretty girl, who breaks up with rich asshole boyfriend. Meanwhile tomboy best friends (Mary Stuard Masterson) disapproves while secretly loving dweeby boy. plot to embarrass dweeby boy is hatched. Pretty girl and dweeby boy come of age – while misunderstood school bully (Elias Koteas) and helps dweeby boy in teenage triumph over rich asshole ex-boyfriend. Dweeby boy realises he should be with tomboy.

Stoltz is pretty disturbing with Michael Jackson-esque voice and totally insincere as a 16-year old. Probably cos he's nearly old enough to have a 16-year old. The ending is at total anti-climax, but does allow Elias Koteas to totally steal the movie with some great lines at the end: "I didn't know James lived in a hen house. It must be a hen house because I don't seen anything but chicken shit!"

Ok, so this took me 15 minutes. I definitely need to work work on that. Fun movie if you pretend you're at a half-hearted 80s party.