Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Shotgun Critic #2: Life As A House

Tearing films down, or singing their praises in five minutes...ish

Only rich people living in LA make films like Life As A House. Two hours of pious, tear-jerking rubbish, in which Hayden Christensen whines and whines until you're begging for his father (Kevin Kline) to hurry up and die already from his terminal, yet quite painless, cancer. Actually you're begging for Kline to die the moment your eyes are poisoned with the sight of him peeing in his Y-fronts. But first he must built the house he always dreamt of, share his troubled memories of his own father with his son, rebuild his relationships with the other people in his life, and piss off his humourless neighbour. Gripping cinematic viewing indeed.

One by one the film ticks the cliches off its wrap sheet and throws in a clumsy, and vaguely offensive if it wasn't so simpleminded, comparison of sexual confusion to drug use. If nothing else at least this film acts as another exhibit of Christensen's ability to convey emotion without the remotest iota of soul.

Kind like but better than: Message In A Bottle
Kind like but worse than: American Beauty

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