Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tinker, tailor

After launching one sleepless night all of two days ago, Dark Habits continues to evolve. I've added an RSS feed to the page you you can be sure never to miss a post and if you look down the right hand site you will find a host of websites to investigate. If you don't want to navigate away from Dark Habits (why would you?!?) just apple click or cntrl click to open in a new window. The festivals section is as yet incomplete, but its a somewhat thankless tedious task copy and pasting the link into blogger so that is what there is for now.

I would ask that anyone you can think of film/tv related sites to add please email them to me or comment at the end of this post. I was also thinking of creating a list of podcast at some point if that's of interest - i have a few in mind, but suggestions of more greatly received.

Some plans that I am currently working on for the manner in which Dark Habits receives its attention day by day: short analysis of my favourites online movies reads; whether they be ezines or blogs; weekly water cooler poll; The Lost Column, out this weekend overview; or am I giving too much away. Well, keep your eyes to the ground.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Strangers in the dark

"Chapter one.
He adored cinema. He romanticised it all out of proportion, as he was with much of life. To him, no matter the time of year, there always existed a small theatre where strangers gazed at shadows dancing to the hypnotic notes of a John Williams score."
No, that's not it. Let's try that again...
"Chapter one.
He was too romantic about film. He loved the predictability almost as much as he loved the unexpected. To him, the movies meant femme fatales and hard-boiled private dicks who seemed to know all the tricks."
Ach, too clich̩ Рnot for my taste, but everyone else for sure. How about something more profound...
"Chapter one.
He adored cinema. To him it was a battleground of our consciousness and a metaphor for our schizophrenic soul. The same lack of integrity that caused so many people to become apathetic was turning the cinema of his dreams..."
Woah, lighten up will ya. I still want people to read this thing.
"Chapter one.
He adored cinema, although to him it was a metaphor for the schizophrenia of our soul and the downfall of our dreams. How hard it was to watch films corrupted by advertising, celebrity, executive power, censorship, Tom Cruise..."
Too angry, I don't want to be angry.
"Chapter one.
He was as torn and romantic as the movies he loved.
Behind his carefully arranged desk was the coiled insight of a malcontent critic. Cinema was his art; and it always would be."

[Oh, and welcome to Dark Habits – a new project from Just Another Clumsy Romantic]